Christmas is Halloween Part 2 for Moi

Christmas is Halloween Part 2 for Moi

I love Halloween. Christmas is just Halloween part 2 for me. Plenty of Krampus movies and Christmas horror films. Then the music specially the older stuff is like ghosts singing. If we are celebrating Christ’s birthday. He could at least make an appearance. Christ needs a Batman suit. At this point he’s the Watchmen retired from superhero antics. Yule is better. Odin and Thor and Loki under the mistletoe. I do believe in Christ Consciousness aka Nirvana aka the Force. Why? Because I’ve felt and seen and swam in it. I have seen beings of light with my physical eyes since my early twenties after being healed from cancer and my father’s death. They obviously have a supervisor! There are people that judge my radio show and the site at Churchofmabusradio.com Most of them think Trump is Jesus. They can right proper suck a pusstoot from my fart box! Done with hypocrites.

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