Rage Against the Machine – This is a Protest!

Rage Against the Machine..

We have to do something to stop this. We can’t just sit here on Facebook circle jerking each other everyday. Contact me for discussion. Gotta do more than vote. If Trump supporters think Trump is about to EMP ourselves or start WW3 and are prepping. I guess they still love him even though they think he’s capable of sploding us all up. lol Loyal puppies. To stay in office after the final Mueller cards. The stock market is about to be the lowest since the Great Depression by Christmas. Yay Tariffs. Can you feel the great? Contact me.. And if you aren’t voting or fighting then you’re part of the problem. Have fun explaining it to your kids when we’re living in Fallout the video game and eating mutated muskrats. My show The Church of Mabus is at least always raging about something and interviewing medicine folk about helping the Earth all the time. Gotta be more to do. SOS mabusincarnate@gmail.com

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