Sheryll Bruneault: Haunted Dolls

Coming February 1st 8pm eastern


My interest in All things paranormal began in early childhood. I read every book on the subject I could find. Decades later, I am still very interested in the topic and have a wide range of knowledge in the fields of Ghost Hunting, Poltergeists, demonology, Hauntings , Possession, and more. A couple years ago I came across a set of 3, older Shirley Temple Dolls at an estate sale whose eyes had been faded out. Making them appear to be blind. VERY creepy looking. The owner told me that they had been normal the day before. It spooked her. Along with the strange and sometimes frightening events THAT soon followed the blinding of the dolls eyes. I talked to her for a bit and finally bought the dolls from her with the intention of using Ebay as an outlet to move them along. I have been selling on Ebay for several years with high rating so I figured I could quickly find a new home for them. Almost as soon as they were listed I began getting emails from people. Some telling me that the doll (I listed one at a time to purposely separate them) was somehow affecting them even through the phone, or computer screen. Others contacted me because they had a haunted doll or object themselves and wanted my advice. I eventually began to suggest they could send it to me if they want and I would pass it along to homes that KNEW what they were getting into and CHOOSE to do so. So that’s what I did. Over the next 2 years I was sent a few dozen of these dolls and objects as word got out that they could be sent to me. I have am not a collector myself. These dolls are in transit. I will be happy to answer any and all questions during the live broadcast.

2 comments on Sheryll Bruneault: Haunted Dolls

  1. john thomaston says:

    thank you for the ebay name …. was that design by ti ti

    have an interest in your dolls

  2. Sheryll says:

    My Ebay seller name is Designsbytiti.

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