What I Thought of Project Blue Book

What I thought of Project Blue Book

Project Blue Book was really good. I shudder to think of all the I think I’m God Ufologists who are wanking off over it and Trump disclosure vs Deep State right now. But nonetheless I enjoyed it and look forward to future episodes. Alien intervention from positive interdimensional beings is about the only hopeful card in the deck I see right now. Of course I notice a few are saying aliens don’t exist at all. I’ve seen craft and beings with multiple witnesses. I continue to attract oddities since a shamanic death at 17. I don’t understand how anyone doesn’t believe in other life out there. Death is the ultimate evidence to me of astral alien like beings. Look in the mirror. When you die a quantum part of you will eject into the realms around the Earth. Same place where we go when we project when we sleep. I don’t force my perspective on anyone. I say so because I’ve seen with my own eyes.. luminous light beings and quantum realms around the Earth. I do feel like because of the current state we are in. Events are about to heat up in more ways than one this year. Probably why the History Channel is airing it… Aliens are the wildcard no government can control.

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