Bridget Fonger: Superhero of Love: Heal Your Broken Heart & Then Go Save the World

Coming February 22nd 8pm eastern

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“This book is a life raft for discovering how to recover, heal, and move into the life of your dreams.” –Arielle Ford, bestselling author of The Soulmate Secret

Broken-hearted. Waves of crushing grief, anger, and despair have sapped you of all your energy. Getting past a bad breakup requires heroic effort. The good news is that inside each one of us is our very own superhero, lying dormant but with the power to heal us and give us the strength to love and live like never before.

In Superhero of Love, Bridget Fonger shares her own personal experience of going through a painful breakup and shows you how to rediscover your deep connection to your own heart, the ultimate source of love in your life. Bridget’s method reveals her hard-won secrets to:

The Five Superpowers

  • Super Sight – the courage to see clearly
  • Super Hearing – the voice of your intuition
  • Super Humility – discovering your true place in the universe
  • Super Self-Love – the ability to accept yourself
  • Super Alignment – the presence of the divine in all things

You’ll learn tools for strengthening your emotional resilience, how to break free from old patterns that keep you stuck, and gain wisdom to empower you to be your mightiest self. Whether you’ve been burned by a breakup, are harboring old wounds, or find yourself thinking “is this as good as it gets?”, Superhero of Love will help heal your broken heart and show you we are all superheroes who are born to fly.

Bridget Fonger is a freelance writer and Thrive Global blogger who is committed to women having the most vibrant, fulfilling lives possible. She has been doing meditation and transformative work for over 30 years. She lives in Altadena, CA. Visit her at superherooflove.com.

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