Tara Leeluu Hauki: Native American Contactee

May 24th 8pm eastern

My name is Tara Lee Hauki I work as an instructional aid for special ed in Pismo, California. I started my life in shaver lake, California where my dad was a hotshot for the forestry. I spent the first ten years of my life in high first areas of the Sierra Nevada and Sequoia national park. Through a tragedy in my family I moved to happy camp, California….a town on the Klamath river about 60 miles from Bluff Creek where the Patterson-Gimlin film was taken. I didn’t know anything about the Bigfoot topic when I first moved to happy camp. I only knew what all did from the film’s made in the seventies. I did become mildly interested when I found the Klamath river area because everything is Bigfoot there.

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