Left vs Right .. Jim Jones vs Waco .. Jesus Was An Immigrant

Waco vs Jim Jones..

Left vs Right in politics is like Jim Jones vs Waco to me currently. Tribalism is killing us whilst the 1% bank on it. This administration is vile and the Democrats handed it to us with their misdeeds and actions. They are working on doing it again. Republican congress are some of the biggest posh twats in the selfishness department I’ve ever seen. Christian Sharia law on us all whilst only helping themselves. Certainly not helping the poor and our veterans and the sick. The immigration situation is Hitler like. Jesus was an immigrant and what you do to them you do to him. Time to break apart the Cults. Willie Nelson said Christians should be outraged. I see some wanking off to it and cheering.

Terrible darkness in the air. And not just some I’m a patriot and Obama is coming to get my guns kinda jizz. There is evil and it is masquerading as a lie based upon good and God. Whilst fools cheer and worship it. Paper out based on Russians sewing discord and racial strife in America. Summer heat is usually when the Predator comes out to declare war on the hunted. Dark Ages in America. Blood and fire. If we get thru now and 2020 elections without psychosis and chaos it will be a miracle. A lot of people who vote are clueless to what is really happening right now. Tribalism rules. There must be a new Tribe of people. Also the UFO scenario has gotten much more intense.

P.S. Yes Jesus is an immigrant he’s from space you pusstoot.


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