Dr. CS Matthews: Mysterious Beauty: Living With The Paranormal In The Hudson Valley

Coming October 18th 8pm eastern


Mysterious Beauty: Living with the Paranormal in the Hudson Valley begins by providing a brief but thorough brief survey of the unique natural and cultural history of paranormal experience in the Hudson Valley region, including Native and early colonial reports. It then profiles select individuals whose lives have been touched by the paranormal, either as experiencers, investigators, or both.

This isn’t a book for tourists or a field guide, but rather detailed survey of individuals who, by virtue of their history and place, have become accustomed to living with extraordinary experiences and/or encounters with the paranormal. From ghosts to aliens, Bigfoot to ancient ceremonial sites, time displacements and spiritual visions, the testimony of witnesses and investigators speak of mysteries encountered in the legendary, wonderous beautiful landscapes of the Hudson Valley in New York.

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