William Lawrence: Extraterrestrial Communication with Quantum Visible Light

Coming November 8th 8pm eastern


William discovered that the messages he’s receiving in the Visible Light frequency of our star the sun is of extraterrestrial origin. Currently he is the only SETI Researcher searching for extraterrestrial messages in the Visible Light Spectrum and the first to analyze the sun for Quantum Entangled messages. His goal is to have scientists expand his discovery to further the research in Visible Light, Macroscopic Quantum Communication. With a bigger team of researchers and scientist and more advanced technology we can effectively expand on the research and efficiently communicate with other civilizations in our observable universe.

Quantum Entanglement occurs when photons are fired through crystals. William’s investigation has brought him to the conclusion that what he is witnessing with his discovery is a form of Quantum Entanglement on a macroscopic scale. This has never been achieved before. His photographs consist of unexplained objects and beings that appear in full detail, they show bilateral symmetry and are forming on a scale smaller than a U.S. coin. The surface area allows for 100’s of millions of photons to be photographed and the technology to entangle that many photons simultaneously to form a coherent image has not been discovered by scientist on Earth.

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