Ian Corrigan: Paganism & Druidism

Coming December 13th 8pm eastern

Last show of the Year! Will be back Jan 10th 8pm eastern

Ian Corrigan – has been teaching, learning, singing and playing in the American Neopagan movement since 1976. Beginning by teaching ‘Witchcraft, Magic & the Occult’ for the Kent State University Free School, he has decades of experience in a variety of occult, pagan and magical topics. Having received his 3rd degree initiation in Celtic Traditional Wtchcraft in the early 80s, Ian has led eclectic study groups, a traditional Wiccan coven and a Druid Grove. Ian has been well-known for decades at Pagan festivals as a bard, ritualist and teacher.

For the past 30 years Ian’s primary path has been Celtic polytheism and especially Neopagan Druidism. Ian has been a primary author and teacher in Ar nDraiocht Fein, having been recruited by Isaac Bonewits in the mid 80s. He is a founder of Stone Creed Grove, ADF’s oldest working congregation, and served as ADF’s first Chief Liturgist and first elected Vice Archdruid, as well as a short term as Archdruid. Ian worked with Isaac to develop the ritual forms used in ADF Druidry today, and was the developer and primary author of ADF’s Dedicant basic Pagan training Program.

While Druidry is Ian’s primary path, his magical and religious studies interests include Western Tradition magic and Hermetics, world polytheisms and tribal magical systems, Tarot, Runes and the history and development of our modern Pagan ways. Ian continues to teach Celtic Paganism, trancework and magic at festivals and seminars.

Ian is the author of ‘Sacred Fire, Holy Well – A Druid’s Grimoire’, The Book of Summoning – Pagan Evocation’, ‘The Book of Visions – Pagan Meditation and Trance’; ‘Draiocht; A Book of Celtic Sorcery’, ‘The Portal Book – Teachings & Works of Celtic Witchcraft’, and ‘The Book of the Dragon – Pagan Ceremonial Magic’. Along with his partner Liafal he is part of ‘Awen’, a folk duet. His CD ‘Once Around the Wheel’ has been in print for many years.


Blurb for Sacred Fire, Holy Well:

An approach to the modern practice of Celtic Paganism and magical arts. Centered in the lore of the Gaelic Celts, it offers a simple summary of Irish myth and ritual patterns for individual and group worship. It also provides complete instruction in practical Druidic magical arts, trance vision, spellbinding and work with Celtic spirits.

Gods and Goddesses of the Celts

Celtic Myth and Soul-lore

Magical Tools of the Celts

Rites of Worship & Seasonal Rites

The Seer, the Shaper and the Poet

The Gods, the Dead & the Sidhe

Blurb for The Book of Summoning:

A Pagan System of Evocation

The Book of Summoning presents a practical system based in the forms and structures of the grimoires, empowered by the gods and spirits of Pagan ways. There are no ‘angels’ or ‘demons’, only the spirits, who are approached in a respectful and careful way, without coercion or threat. Based in the work of the Nine Moons system, it includes:

The Hearth Cult, The Year Cult and the Sorcerer’s Cult

Beyond Angels and Demons – Toward A Pagan Spiritology

The Hosting of the Sidhe

The Teacher & the Familiar – the Spirit Allies

The Sorcerer’s Sacrifice – a Rite of Alliance & Empowerment

Awen Music Bio, 2011

Awen, in the Celtic language of Wales, means ‘poetic inspiration’, and Ian Corrigan and Liafal are seeking just that in their lives and music. Starting with a base of Irish and British folk music, Awen bring original songs, American folk and singer-songwriter material to a diverse set focused on Pagan and earth-centered values. The music of Awen centers on harmony, rhythm, and story with a dose of humor and a flavor of myth and magic.

Ian and Liafal have been teaching, learning, singing and playing in the American Neopagan movement since 1976. In Traditional Witchcraft, Neopagan Druidism and Pagan festival organizing, they have a diverse background in the scene. Ian has also been a part of the Greater Cleveland folk-music scene, first with Chameleon and as a solo act, playing at street-fairs and small stages around the region. With Liafal, as Awen, he has spent the last decade playing at Pagan events around the country.

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