Eric Grimsrud: Believes Trump Is Mabus The Anti-Christ From Nostradamus

Coming January 17th 8pm eastern

Eric Grimsrud began studying Nostradamus at 12-years-old with a specific focus on the name of the third “anti-christ”. His studies focused on cross-referencing relevant Nostradamus quatrains against various religious texts as well as new age teachings and visionaries. His studies led him to begin writing poetry in similar style to Nostradamus quatrains at an early age in an effort to better understand Nostradamus’s work poetically. Eric currently runs a Facebook Group called “Is Trump Mabus” (https://www.facebook.com/istrumpmabus) with details on the translation method. He has a sales, marketing and social media background though is currently on professional hiatus (taking care of a terminally ill relative). Eric is 49 and lives in Portland, Oregon.

Eric will show that the three puzzles are linked together mathematically. This sequence forms two geometric images directly related history of the code-master, Nostradamus. Only three correct answers will create the mathematic sequence needed to form the image. Between the cryptographic and allegoric evidence as well as a physical description and oratory-style references, “Drumpf” is the final name in the sequence and the only word that will recreate the set of geometric images.


4 comments on Eric Grimsrud: Believes Trump Is Mabus The Anti-Christ From Nostradamus

  1. Frank Stallone says:

    This guys a nut job

    1. Why because he’s talking about your auntie christ bff Fuhrer Shitbird Von Trumplegooch?

  2. Pete says:

    One point of interest to those willing to listen. Nostradamus the French astrologer, physician and seer, predicted 3 Antichrist figures for the world, Napoleon – Hitler (Hisler) and the third will be a prince, he will come from the Middle East, and be called Mabus….MBS….need I say anymore to you…God bless you all, as we are now about to enter a very troubling time for the world.

  3. Howard Jones says:

    I understand Nostradamus well reading & watching documentaries about him, I too believe Trump is Mabus, that he will start WW3, & try to get everyone to receive the Mark of the Beast, but in the end, Nostradamus said there will be 1,000 years of peace, under the King of kings, a just peace.

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