Steve Sora: Rosicrucian America: How a Secret Society Influenced the Destiny of a Nation

Coming February 7th 8pm eastern


An in-depth history of Rosicrucianism, its key members, and their roles in the formation and settling of America

• Explores Sir Francis Bacon and Dr. John Dee’s deep influence on England’s colonization of America as well as the Rosicrucian influence on the Founding Fathers and on cities such as Philadelphia and Williamsburg

• Explains how Bacon was the author of many anonymous Rosicrucian texts and how he envisioned America as the “New Atlantis”

• Reveals the connections of the Order of the Rosy Cross to the Knights of the Golden Circle and to the Georgia Guidestones

Dr. John Dee and his polymath protégé Sir Francis Bacon were the most influential men in the court of Queen Elizabeth I, part of an elite group with invisible control throughout Europe. And, as Steven Sora reveals, not only were they key members of the Rosicrucians, they were the driving force behind England’s colonization of the New World and the eventual establishment of the United States.

From Avalon in Newfoundland to New England to Pennsylvania and Virginia, Sora shows how Bacon and Dee’s Rosicrucian impact is felt throughout North America. He details Bacon’s possible authorship of the anonymous Rosicrucian texts of the early 1600s, his connections with Sir Walter Raleigh’s School of Night, and the origins of Rosicrucianism in Bacon’s Order of the Helmet. He explains how Bacon envisioned America as the New Atlantis, a utopia where liberty and freedom of learning prevailed–a key tenet of the “Invisible College” of the Rosicrucian Order–and how Dee convinced the Queen that England had rightful claims in the New World by drawing on legends of both King Arthur and Welsh Prince Madoc voyaging West to America.

Sora looks at Rosicrucian influences on the Founding Fathers and earliest settlers of America, such as Washington, Franklin, and William Penn of Pennsylvania, on the American Revolution, and on American colonies, such as the Williamsburg colony. He details how Penn invited Rosicrucians to Philadelphia and how the city’s layout follows esoteric principles, including a direct reference to Bacon’s New Atlantis. Moving into the 1800s and beyond, he reveals how a handful of Rosicrucians served as the Inner Sanctum of the Knights of the Golden Circle and how Rosicrucians are behind the Georgia Guidestones, carved granite monoliths with messages in ancient languages.

Providing a thorough and expansive view of Rosicrucianism, its occult origins, and its deep imprint on America, Sora shows how this secret society still continues to exert invisible influence on the modern world.

One comment on “Steve Sora: Rosicrucian America: How a Secret Society Influenced the Destiny of a Nation

  1. SonicGlitchExe says:

    My father is a 32 degree D.G.M. / Deputy Grand Master / Scottish Rite – Master Mason S.O.E. ( Star of East ) Aww the National Treasure..And where is the best place to hide such a treasure ? Right under the worlds noses ~~> [L.E] – [S.R] – 1717.. The NWO guidestones ( Rosicrucians ) – [JeSteRs].. This countries laws are based on English laws. Democrats are against the Original,English laws, what’s written under English laws, are American laws. Most all Scottish Rite members, then and now, were and are Democrats.. There will never be a female president / It’s been prewritten. You can only be president, if your a Scottish Rite master mason 33 / ( What about Obama ) He is a 33 Master Mason.. [ Black Masons ] Most people don’t know they exist.. They do../ All the power to them..You can’t be president of the United States if your a Freemason. Freemasons are your local lodges..S.R. overlook local lodges, to make sure they are running correctly, and help coach the master as to, original laws that were put in place of this country in the beginning. The laws of each state are laws written under those original laws. Once you have fulfilled the duties called upon you by the S.R. Then you can move forwards, towards taking that first step onto the sand, and will never step on the scaffolding again . You’ll be on the silver ladder, climbing to the top of the, golden pyramid to the light. Once you take that first step onto the pyramid. All the secret passages will open and your treasure of life, will begin. Note : The Rosicrucians created and set forth these new laws / Built & paid for by the Saudi Prince

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