Jon Buchalter, M.Ed: The Book of Jon: Wisdom and Wonder

Coming February 21st 8pm eastern

Jon Buchalter has held a lifelong interest in the paranormal, religion, and the universe. Obtaining his master’s in Counselor Education in Clinical Mental Health and completing nearly half of a PhD in the same subject, his aims are to tackle and address pervasive systemic injustices, develop replicable eco-village models, and demonstrate the variety of issues we can solve through a more agrarian approach to life and society. Other interests include social justice accountability, permaculture, renewable energy and building materials, and green architecture.

As a result of real-life experience with unidentified aerial phenomena, Jon’s research interests have included Native American religion and spirituality, ancient religions and their texts, lost civilizations, theology, philosophy, and metaphysics. Finding congruent evidence between cultures and texts, Jon stayed with three different tribes to discuss his experiences and further his learning. His book, The Book of Jon: Wisdom and Wonder, will become available on 4/7/2020 for FREE on Amazon where he expounds on his life experience and the potential revelations that have been expressed. Dancing on the lines of history, mysticism, and philosophy, he establishes what may be key points in us understanding our place in the universe and all the mysteries that lay therein.

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