Suzanne Bishop: Professional Medium and Spiritual Counselor

Coming May 8th 8pm eastern

As a guest on The Church of the Mabus Radio, I am being interviewed by Jeffery via podcast for my intuitive practice (Intuit Now), and sharing of personal stories of the Paranormal. Highlight of this podcast are results of my deep dive into the extraordinary way Earth and our collective selves are speaking to us through symbols during this intense Pandemic.

After the initial interview, and sharing of paranormal stories like my bi-location experience in 2018, I will be sharing an Alice in Wonderland like dive into the reflective mirror filled with symbols of bats, caves, horseshoes, breath and breathing, the human heart, Earth heart, the human lung and Earth lungs and much more. We are being led and guided to our destiny to be our full human selves, once again back in balance with our natural system.

Hope you will join Jeffery and me on his Podcast. Blessings


I am a professional medium, and practice ethical standards according to my profession as a spiritual counselor. I will often use my psychic abilities to uncover insights, clarifications, and hidden talents that you may have. I am very clairvoyant and communicate with those who have passed on, as well as with Angels and Spirit Guides.

I do what I call “Psychic Talk”, as well as use the ancient form of Tarot to discover and empower you. I also use an art form called “Spirit Drawings” to relate to you on a more symbolic level.

I have a Master of Science degree in Art Therapy and Psychology, I am a hands-on healer and Reiki Master Teacher, and I am a professional art therapist. I am a powerful artist as well.

I have been the primary organizer for The Pittsburgh Metaphysics Group, a Meetup.com group, since 2016. If you join this metaphysical group, you will receive email notices of upcoming local metaphysical events, and will be able to post your event once you are designated to be an event organizer for our Meetup.

I am a regular contributing author for The Bodhi Tree Magazine, an online spiritual resource for spiritual living. My most recent article is here. I am also thrilled to be selected as one of the best psychic mediums in Pittsburgh by CBS Local, read the article here.

Intuitive since birth, I have strong psychic awareness. I have been reading  Tarot cards for over 20 years. I once discovered a tumor a client didn’t know she had. A most recent claim to fame: I was “Suzanne the Psychic” for the old B94 radio show for two years in a row.

I have a master’s degree in psychology and art, I became ordained in the Melchizedek Order in 2010

G e t    B l o w n    A w a y    b y    M y    R e a d i n g s



Suzanne Bishop, MS

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