United Public Radio · Church of Mabus: Shebaz Butt: A Bizarre Activity Book Vol.2 The Yokai Edition

Shebaz A Butt aka Beezle B Alhazred Returns

Coming June 19th 8pm eastern


My name is Shebaz Butt aka (Beezle B Alhazred). I was born in Indianapolis, Indiana. I have traveled across North America, but I always end up back here, in Indianapolis. When I am not working on putting together new writing projects, I am a Freelance Graphic Designer, and I work in insurance claims. I have had varied careers and life experiences. I spent close to 26 years working in culinary arts, security, and event coordination. The only real constants in my life have been occultism, parapsychology, and a morbid fascination with the bizarre. Take a look, check out my work. The beginning is here.

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