United Public Radio · Church of Mabus George Dudding: Mothman Territory: History and High Strangeness

George Dudding: Mothman Territory: History and High Strangeness

Coming August 21st 8pm eastern


George Dudding, was born in Mason County, West Virginia in 1950 and lived there until he finished college in 1973. He holds a BA degree from Glenville State College and an MA degree from West Virginia University both specializing in Physics and Mathematics. He is currently based out of Spencer, West Virginia, USA, at his home, Duddington Manor. His interest in UFOs, Aliens, Ghosts, Bigfoot, Cryptids and other paranormal events has evoked the writing of several books on these topics. With 56 books in his arsenal, he has been featured on DARKNESS RADIO, the Smalltown Monsters movie MOTHMAN OF POINT PLEASANT, and a series of radio interviews on OUT OF THIS WORLD with Clayton Trout broadcast on WEHC Radio FM 90.7 in Southwestern Virginia. His latest books are THE GRAFTON MONSTER, HAUNTED SAVANNAH, UFO TRAFFIC STOP, SNARLY YOW, and a new book–MOTHMAN TERRITORY: HISTORY AND HIGH STRANGENESS.

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