United Public Radio · Church of Mabus: Durant Haire @Weird_Dark_Fiction

Durant Haire: @Weird_Dark_Fiction

Coming October 2nd 8pm eastern

Durant Haire did hard time in the corporate world as a technical writer for a blue big-box retailer and spent many years in the newspaper business as copy editor, reporter, and graphic designer. Currently, he writes web content and freelances as a magazine writer. He was publisher and editor of the short-lived but well-liked horror fiction digest, Darkness Within. He had fiction and poetry published many years ago that is best left buried in time. He lives in North Carolina with his blue healer/border collie mix, is the father of two great teens, and spends way too much on books. You can find him on Instagram @weird_dark_fiction, on Twitter @FictionWeird, and on Facebook @weirddarkfiction.

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