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Cindy Sanabria: Horror Tour Guide – Women of Color in Horror

Coming October 9th 8pm eastern

Pursuing her lifelong passion for storytelling, Cindy Sanabria, aka Slaughter Cin, She-Wolf
Empress of Gore is a Puerto Rican independent filmmaker, screenwriter and special effects
makeup artist from El Barrio (East Harlem), NY. She currently holds a BFA in film from the City
College of New York (CCNY) and an AAS in Video Arts Technology from the Borough of
Manhattan Community college (BMCC). While attending the university, she revived the “BMCC
on Air” school news tv channel working all aspects of the television station. She was later
selected for a 60 mins CBS Bootcamp where she wrote and produced a story that earned huge
merit upon completion as the winner.

Determined to celebrate people, places and things within the horror realm, Cindy founded
www.horrotourguide.com an interactive virtual horror tour experience. She has won awards on
both her thesis film “Haunted Red” and “I got flowers today”, a public service
announcement/short on domestic violence. She’s worked with the Professionals Writers Unit at
the Puerto Rican Traveling Theater (founded by Raul Julia and Miriam Colon) where a few of her
creative works were performed and read at the theater (PRRT). In 2015, The Ivy league
University of Michigan, optioned her script “Momentum”, an urban love story for a 2 day
performance by the students at the ethnic studies theater division for the general public in Ann
Arbor, MI

Cindy is an avid horror destination traveler known for her “Haunted history” travel blogs. She
recently completed the final draft of “Pale Moon”, her first installment of an action-packed
Werewolf trilogy. She is currently writing a “Troma” styled horror and a record-breaking gory
slasher which is set for production late 2021. Ms. Sanabria has just formed a support group for
Women of Color in Horror (WOCIH) making it her mission to honor and highlight females of
color within the genre. She is also a proud member of New York Women in Film and Television

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