William J. Hall: Devil’s Road: The True Story of Ed and Lorraine Warren

Coming October 30th 8pm eastern


Over the course of their 50-year career, Ed and Lorraine Warren investigate thousands of hauntings; some of their most famous cases include the Amityville Horror house and the real-life Rhode Island home behind `The Conjuring’ films.

WILLIAM J. HALL, author of the paranormal best-seller The World’s Most Haunted House: The True Story of the Bridgeport Poltergeist on Lindley Street and The Haunted House Diaries (Phantom Messages is coming out September 2018.

Hall is professionally equipped to recognize trickery: After more than 25 years as a performing magician, he knows how to create and recognize illusions. He is also an experienced researcher of the unexplained, from folklore and urban legend to fortune telling, the pyramids, and other mysterious tales. Bill has been interviewed around the world and his syndicated column, “Magic and the Unknown,” ran for six years in multiple newspapers. Hall has two sons and resides in Plainville, Connecticut.

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