United Public Radio · Church of Mabus: Chad Lewis: Wendigo Lore: Monsters, Myths, and Madness

Chad Lewis: Wendigo Lore: Monsters, Myths, and Madness

Coming November 6th 8pm eastern

Written by Chad Lewis and Kevin Lee Nelson


No other legend invoked as much fear, panic, and dread as the Wendigo. For hundreds of years people in Canada and the United States have told stories of a giant cannibalistic monster that could devour an entire community- or worse yet, possess you and turn you into a Wendigo. Almost everything that has previously been written about the Wendigo comes from an anthropological or sociological perspective, often failing to even address the supernatural component of the lore. Not this book! The result is one of the most comprehensive explorations of the Wendigo legend ever written. While not for the faint of heart, Wendigo Lore is a treasure trove of information for those seeking to learn more about this unique legend of the Northwoods.

Wendigo Lore is a scary book to read on a cold winter s night whether or not you take your Wendigos seriously. The authors of this book do take these cannibalistic denizens of the northern woods seriously indeed, carefully combing the historical record for accounts of their appearances and disappearances. The text is not only illustrated, it is written with care and also in a lively manner, so it will appeal to general readers with a taste for thrills and chills as well as to students interested in Native subjects and Canadian themes. –John Robert Colombo, author or editor of Windigo (1982), Mysterious Canada (1988), The Mystery of the Shaking Tent (1993), etc.

Lewis and Nelson have dug deep into the creepy legends and lore of the Wendigo. An outstanding journey into weird territory! –David Weatherly, Author of Monsters of the Last Frontier: Cryptids and Legends of Alaska

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