Donnie Brooke: UFO Hunter and Pro Wrestler

November 20th 8pm eastern

In 2005, I Started To Research UFO’s Heavily After Watching A Documentary Called “The Day After Roswell”. The Documentary Surrounded What Happened Related To The Infamous Roswell UFO Crash In Roswell, N.M., USA, In 1947. My Conclusions Were That If Just 1/2 Of What Was Reported In The Documentary Was True, Then What We Have Been Told About The World We Live In May Not Be True. In 2011, I Had A Very Interesting Event Happen To Me. In 2011, One Night (Can’t Remember The Actual Day) During The Week, When I Was Employed With The Home Depot In Evans, Ga., USA, I Caught An Image Of What I Thought Was An Extremely Bright Star. I Got Home At About 10:30pm One Night, I Looked Up To My Left Into The Sky And I Saw What Looked Like An Extremely Bright Star. When I Saw It, I Wondered How It Would Look On Film, So I Snapped A Pic Of It. The Image’s Attatched Are What My Camera Detected. When I Viewed The Image, I Did Not Know What To Make Of What I Was Looking At – My Acension Level Is Not What It Is Now. In Late 2019, I Was Looking Through My Archives & Ran Across The Photo Of The 2011 Anomaly. I Noticed Something About The Photo That I Did Not Notice In 2011 – There Seemed To Be An Occupant Within The Anomaly. When I Noticed This, I Shared This Awakening With My Friend In New York, USA, Laurie Velez. I Asked Laurie What She Thought Of The Image & Did She See Anything Unique About The Image. Laurie Said She Saw The Occupant Within The Craft – Just As I Did. I Did Not Notice The Occupant In 2011. Ever Since Late 2019, I Have Had Unique Things Happen To Me.

I Have Started Having Premonitions About Certain Things & I Seem To Easily Find Unique Anomalies In Photo’s That Others Do Not See. I Have Noticed Anomalies In Numerous¬† NASA Photo’s, Photo’s Of The Skinwalker Ranch, And Other Random Photo’s. After All Of This Started To Happen, It Reminded Me Of My Episode Of Missing Time I Had In 1992 While Driving To Kings Mountain, N.C., USA. I Believe My Episode Of Missing Time Has Something To Do With The Visitation In 2011. The Object In The 2011 Photo Is An Interdimensional UFO Lightship Containing A Watcher. I Have Had Many Other Visitations, But No Memory Of Being Abducted. In Late 2019, When I Realized The Photo Was Of A Watcher, It Made Me Think Of How Many Other Nights Have I Been Being Watched, But I Didn’t Know It. My Research Since This Awakening Has Really Changed. Not Only Can I Pick Up Anomalies In Photo’s That Others Can’t, I Also Seem To Pick Up Hidden References & Meanings Within Fictional Hollywood Productions – Inbox Me For More Info On That. As Time Goes On, I Am Sure I Will Be Shown More When I Am Ready. Keep This In Mind, The Term “U.F.O.” Means Unidentified Flying Object, It Doesn’t Mean “Alien”. It Is My Opinion That The Humans Are Not Ready To Know The Truth About U.F.O.’s As It Relates To The U.F.O.’s That Are Of Alien Origin. I Have More Info On The Subject Of U.F.O.’s, Contact Me If Interested: donniebrookemacon@gmail.com / 706-339-1763.

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