Tally Johnson: Civil War Ghosts of South Carolina

Coming January 22nd 8pm eastern


Mr. Johnson is a graduate of Spartanburg Methodist College and Wofford College with degrees in history. He is the author of Ghosts of the South Carolina Upcountry, Ghosts of the South Carolina Midlands, Ghosts of the Pee Dee (all for The History Press). His newest full-length fiction release is an anthology of Southern Gothic ghost fiction titled Creek Walking from Falstaff Books. He also has stories in An Improbable Truth: The Paranormal Adventures of Sherlock Holmes from Mocha Memoirs Press as well as Off the Beaten Path 3 and Tales from the Old Black Ambulance from Prospective Press. His tale “The Bloody Bonnet at Blue Hole” was recently included on the Valentine Wolfe album Winternight Whisperings, with Mr. Johnson as narrator. His narration of his short story, “Alice”, is included on the new album from Antler Hill, Carolina Lore. Mr. Johnson was also the recipient of the first Caldwell Sims Award for Excellence in Southern Folklore from the USC-Union Upcountry Literary Festival, where he is a long time presenter. Civil War Ghosts of South Carolina is out now from Prospective Press.

He enjoys spending time with his family and friends, hiking, hammock camping, visiting historic sites, and reading. He has been a guest at ConGregate, ConCarolinas, Fandom Fest, MonsterCon, MystiCon, AtomaCon and Imaginarium.

The Civil War was one of the bloodiest conflicts in American history and it began in South Carolina. The impact and after-effects of the war still affect us today, but are all the dead at peace? In this book, noted storyteller, folklorist, and author Tally Johnson provides both the ghost stories from throughout South Carolina that the Civil War left behind, as well as providing historical context for the stories. Some tales he debunks; but others, especially ones he personally witnessed, will make you shiver. Told in the voice of a native son of South Carolina, these stories prove that the past is always with us.

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