United Public Radio · Church of Mabus: Jeffrey Seelman: Exorcist, Professional Psychic, Teacher, Author, Clearing Expert

Jeffrey Seelman: Exorcist, Professional Psychic, Teacher, Author, Clearing Expert

Coming February 26th 8pm eastern


Professional Psychic, Teacher, Author, Clearing Expert. and Exorcist Jeffrey Seelman

Born On St. Michael’s Day September 29th, 1959 – Jeffrey Seelman is an Internationally Recognized Professional Psychic, Teacher, Author, Clearing Expert, and Exorcist, specializing in the clearing of individuals, homes, businesses, and psychic protection. Jeffrey is also an expert on hauntings in homes and businesses, psychic ability, good ghosts such as spirit guides, curses, demonic possession, evil spirits, the relationship between emotional energies and violence.

Born with psychic abilities, a practitioner of Transcendental Meditation, Jeffrey uses his psychic skills to release negative emotional energies, banish negative and demonic spirits from individuals, homes, and businesses, dispel myths about the spirit world, and teach us how to protect ourselves and our property from the effects of negative emotional energy, negative and demonic spirits.

Jeffrey has appeared on the E! Entertainment Television Documentary “13 Most Shocking Hollywood Curses”. He has been a solo guest 4 times on “Coast to Coast with George Noory”, “his latest appearance on Coast being January 30 2015-“Click Here” has been written about in Russia’s “Pravda Online”, (his interview became the number one read article in Pravda, June 3-10, 2007), appeared on Sy-Fy Channel’s “Sightings”, where he successfully performed an exorcism on a home for the television cameras, as well as many other television and radio appearances since 1992. Currently, Jeffrey has finished his first book entitled: POWER PROTECTION, He just finished his second book: LIFE OF AN EXORCIST, which was released September 28, 2014. Jeffrey has his own intructional radio station
Aura Radio.

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