Year 13 of Church of Mabus Radio Show

Welcome to Year 13

This is year 13 of the Church of Mabus radio show. It has been a long journey. I am looking for guests for April if you are interested let me know your criteria. This show is free to everyone and I make no money doing the show. A lot of free books. Hell do not even really get those anymore thanks to Covid. We are always open for donations if you would like to send something via paypal or another way let me know. Email me mabusincarnate@gmail.com Keep supporting free radio! Thanks for your support! churchofmabusradio.com


2 comments on Year 13 of Church of Mabus Radio Show

  1. Georgia J Hllstrom says:

    I wonder if you would check out Barry and Connie Strohm, they do channeling, you may find what they do interesting. They have a facebook page

    1. thank you I have had readings from them before and Barry has been on the show

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