United Public Radio · Church of Mabus: Russell Wiitala: Sasquatch, Shaman of the Peggy Woods

Russell Wiitala: Sasquatch, Shaman of the Woods

Coming April 2nd 8pm eastern

Russell Wiitala has a new book coming out Sasquatch, Shaman of the Woods.

Russell retired from the Raymond Washington, post office in 2007. His old route happens to be in the same general area he has had many local encounters. In fact, the last sasquatch he saw was in the area of that old route on Halloween morning 2020. Though he saw every type of animal out there while driving that rural route, he did not see bigfoot and in fact, bigfoot was not even in his mind.
  Soon after retiring, he was walking with his friend Russell Wilson (not the QB) when he was asked “Did you hear about the family that saw a bigfoot while hiking?” It was like a lightning bolt had hit him and he immediately replied, “What!? Do you want to go looking for bigfoot?” His friend replied in the affirmative and that was the beginning of his adventure into the bigfoot world.
  Russell and his friend Russell, began searching every corner of the county for them, with very little luck. After four years of searching they might have found a sixteen inch footprint? It was in a puddle of mud and was questionable.
  Meanwhile, Russell read many books and articles on the subject and was beginning to believe there was a chance they might exist. In his frustration after four years of searching and not finding much, he began to consider giving up when he went on a hike on that same access road that local family had seen one. Russell smelled something dead and after hiking for another mile, understood what he was smelling might be a sasquatch. He then heard three distinct knocks. This is was the first encounter for him that seemed to be a sasquatch. He called his friend and they found a family soon afterward.
  From that time on it’s been an adventure that keeps getting stranger and stranger. He feels a very profound connection to them now and believes that feeling is mutual. He does considers himself a student and not a researcher and they his teachers.
  Russell is the president of the local theater group in the small community he resides in. He is also is a musician, playwright and composer.

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