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Dennis C Lee: Eternalism

Coming April 16th 8pm eastern


Born 02/02/1951

“I came out of the soup of life to be born.”

Grew up in Western Pennsylvania. As far back as I can remember, I was very interested in metaphysics and art. I’m not sure at what point I made the decision to be an artist, but when I did I began studying the lifestyles that are often associated with creative people.

Then I became one, and lived among them ever since.

I became very good at quite a few artistic disciplines, including writing songs and performing them, writing I was editor of several of my own publications, some are included in the archive Titled ‘SF Arts of the 80’s’ an exhibit hey held in 2018 at San Francisco Public Library.

As a visual artist, several of my rock posters have been in art books, including STREET ART by Peter Belsito and the coffee-table sized book The ART of ROCK by Abbeville Press.

My first San Francisco band The LIVING DAYLIGHTS pressed a 45 record that is now a collectors item, especially in Japan. From that, I was asked to feature some of my art for the documentary AMERICAN ARTIFACT, in which I was credited with starting an entire genre called DADA-POP, which was also the name of my record company.

So what does all this have to do with Eternalism, right?

The thing is, all this varied art I did had me confused for a long time. Was I a musician or was I a writer? Was I a poster artist or was I a songwriter? And beyond all that, my personal philosophy was developing. Through trial, error and challenge I had an enthralling feeling whenever I thought about Time never ending. Looking up at the stars on a clear night is the most spiritual experiences we can have in life. The feeling is both exhilarating and humbling.

Modern Eternalism came from me as a response to a world of humans who often seem to want to drive our species to extinction. Dogmatic organized religion is a money grubbing, malignant enterprise.

I enjoy talking about Eternalism more than I do writing about it, because the feedback inspires me to guide individuals who have questions toward the reverential experience of ‘feeling’ the eternal Time/Space, and towards a more brilliant Eternalist mindset and lifestyle.



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