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Lilith Gray: Please Don’t Feed the Sasquatch

Coming May 7th 8pm eastern


The author and her family discover that not only does Sasquatch exist, but they want to be friends….eventually. This is a true tale that will hopefully raise the hair on the back of your neck but also warm your heart. The ongoing interactions this family has experienced and continue to experience may challenge what you think you know about these people. Please Don’t Feed the Sasquatch is a tale that takes place in the wilds of the Midwest and includes a never before seen photo as well as links to audio that will surprise even the most skeptic listener. Written with humor and raw truth, it will be a read that sticks with you for a while.

One comment on “Lilith Gray: Please Don’t Feed the Sasquatch

  1. JOHN STAUB says:

    I am 69 yr. contactee, raised in Millcreek area of The GREAT STATE of UTAH… Me Heyoka, Iroquois, on father’s side, plus Great, great nephew of Union General Philip Sheridan, on mother’s side… I attract wild animal friends and various ET’s.. me summoned Blue Sphere’s to earth, three come to our home for meeting with ME while badly injured Draco Empire, Royal White Queen there on farm land area! We all have input in discussion….Whole affair videoed by contacts in ONI, NSG-, et al, who was in contact with at time.
    C. Goode & D. Wilcox, not “truthful”, I first to be personally visited by BLUE SPHERE’s and can prove this…Goode’s claims are ” Way-Off Truth”..Diversion? I contacted him dozens of times…No Answer?? Same with Wilcox… This while #44 Demon, and Hellary Witch, about to finish off USA. Everything after via meeting with Blue Ones, who bring TRUE GODS Army in.. Crooked Players, threaten me in 2018 and Draco send us 24/7 – Forever guards…”her Majesty send their ‘BEST’, beings 8ft. tall, with huge WHITE Eyes, in Combat they turn into Giant White Laser beams to destroy ANY or ALL Foe, like crooked Thugs that twice shot me in back of head and other place. Ruin my health…Me unable to work or be human like before…. This former nation Owes my family ” many Millions ” for betraying me in 1990 as ET’s warned me to pass messages onto our military…..July of following year Dew shot to back of heart, Three REAL Angelics blocked most of hit…ruined my ticker partly… NATION being set-up for attack and Zillions of ET’s prepared to ‘ Take Swiss ZionistNozi’s and Others to Central SUN ‘, as many missing NOW have been disappeared in C.S. This Nozi-Run CInA Owned by Swiss Khazars, McClane is like a ‘ Franchise ‘ to make us look BAD….Maybe send this last 130 million refugees THERE to Rape the swiss way down deep. (if print use name – HEYOKA THUNDER)

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