Rest in Peace Dog Son Jack! Love You Eternally – Do You Have a Pet Afterlife Story?

Jack my dog son passed away I will miss him. Love you Jack eternally.

Christina found strange Jack dog balloon at Walmart in the middle of nowhere. Worker said must be from Halloween.
When we found Jack passed away.. A cd player playing whale music for him was skipping bad and had to stop it. Never had that happen before. Definitely eerie. It was right next to where he was. I told him if he needed to leave it was ok and I love u a ton. Came back to him gone and the skipping cd.
If anyone has a dog story they would like to write out regarding them passing and possible afterlife connotations or stories after they passed that seemed like signs or omens. Let me know if you would like to write them out. Perhaps can use them for a future book project in honor of Jack and your loss sometime in the future. mabusincarnate@gmail.com

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