United Public Radio · Church of Mabus: Asherah VII: Ghost, Cryptid, UFO, and Alien Research

Asherah VII: Ghost, Cryptid, UFO, and Alien Research

June 11th 8pm eastern

At the age of twelve, Asherah VII was unwillingly thrown into a life of spiritual chaos. She had to learn how to overcome the fear and confusion of spirits and the influences of negative entities. These numerous paranormal occurrences that still follow her today has driven her to seek answers of her own while reaching out to help and guide those who also struggle with the paranormal unknown. Asherah VII has spent more than 20 years investigating all aspects of the paranormal. Delving into ghost, cryptid, UFO, and alien research has helped expand her knowledge and research with the paranormal on a broader spectrum. Asherah VII works to bring new and innovative ways of investigating all aspects of paranormal phenomena and unknown creatures while continuing to work with private individuals on a case-by-case basis.


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