Light Beings

Just sharing a tale in case it helps someone..

One of my biggest paranormal experiences that got me into radio was light being encounters. I saw 2 light beings leave my house and fly into the heavens at Silver Lake in Marianna FL. Completely sober. I have seen energy beings many times with my naked eyes. Perhaps my cancer chemo scenario at a young age opened my senses. A lot of events happened after that and my father’s death. Shamans call these beings luminous. I try not to push what I believe on anyone but give this eye witness testimony. That life does indeed carry on after death. I think the great spirit showed me this to relieve my tensions perhaps regarding it. I have spoke about it many times on the radio. Were these beings in states of Nirvana or Christ consciousness? I would think so. Us without our bodies? Or were they ETs? I do not know. Just know what I saw and will never forget it. Not asking everyone to believe it. But hope it brings comfort to someone about losing loved ones.

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