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June Lundgren: Demon Seer, Psychic, Medium, Nurse, Animal Communicator & Author

Coming July 9th 8pm eastern


June is a psychic, medium, nurse, animal communicator and author. As a young child she communicated with animals and spirits. As she grew older her psychic abilities grew stronger. She left home at the age of eighteen to enter the military, where she trained as a nurse. She lives on a small farm in rural Oregon City, Oregon with my husband, son and assorted animals.

She has been helping people with their paranormal issues for over thirty years and is an active member of NW Paranormal Investigative Team. Her specialty in the group is negative removals.

She never felt the need to have her work published until seven years ago when those on the other side urged her to write her first book, A Mediums Guide to the Paranormal, to help others understand what the paranormal world is all about. She hopes that the information contained in these books will help you to understand the paranormal world. People need to know that God does hear us. He knows what we need, which is not necessarily what we want.

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