Donations Keep Free Church of Mabus Free Radio

Hello folks..

13 years of The Church of Mabus radio show. I only make 100 bucks every 6 months from Inner Traditions for a banner on the site. I need to buy a new Yeti Microphone because having some mic blues plus have some URL dues coming up on godaddy. If anyone would like to donate to keep free radio alive and help me persevere burn out. You can send a donation to MAFHA@yahoo.com at Paypal. Its a family members. It goes straight to me. Will order Mic from Ebay probably. Doing it for the passion is great until you see everyone else making money on their shows. Looking for sponsors and people needing advertising as well. Banners etc. Thanks for your time and support. Email me if you have another way to donate or for any questions. mabusincarnate@gmail.com

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