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Eric Grimsrud: Nostradamus – Trump: The Mabus Solution

Coming July 30th 8pm eastern

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Eric Grimsrud’s interest in Nostradamus’s “MABUS” began at age 12 after reading a book called “Strange People” and then shortly after watching Orson Well’s documentary “The Man Who Saw Through Time” (1982-83). Always convinced that the three names Nostradamus gave for his ‘anti-christs’ were linked somehow, Eric began writing poetry in an effort to mimic the rhyme and verse style of Nostradamus. In his early teens Eric began cross-referencing various books of eastern and western religion, esoteric teachings and mediums, new age mystics, and figures such as Edgar Cayce and others against Nostradamus’s work. 

The core assumption: if Nostradamus was proven correct about the first two of his “anti-christs” and gave their actual names then it was logical that the Nostradamus’s third (Mabus) was also correct by name. Further, that somehow the key to the final name was connected to the previous two solved puzzles. If other seers detailed a similar vision as Nostradamus then perhaps this could be cross-referenced. This might give some insight to the solution to “Mabus” before-the-fact. And finally, that if these events were to occur within Eric’s lifetime and if he could come to the solution beforehand then perhaps he could warn those he cared about regarding a coming catastrophe. 

Eric began cracking “Mabus” upon the first presidential debate for the 2016 election. He had long connected the “false trumpet” potentially to Donald Trump but it seemed unlikely that Trump would ever be elected to public office; though a contender for decades, Trump and any link to “Mabus” was unclear. However once Trump began his run for office it was predicted that he would indeed win; that he would bring about a major disruption to political norms and cause people to turn on one another; that he would spur hatred and violence across the country; that his actions would cause a catastrophe that cost many lives and collapse the world economy; and that Trump’s ultimate death would be the catalyst for major upheaval and potentially leading to a sudden vengeful event and perhaps even the terrifying catalyst to world war. 

Regarding the equation itself, it would show that Nostradamus’s work was more than simple allegoric poetry; that Nostradamus had encoded portions of his work algebraically in the coding method and order so that these hidden details could be deciphered accurately later. Eric began warning those he cared about beginning in 2017 knowing how he might appear; however also aware that if correct this would constitute only the third time in 500-years that a major historical event (or set of events) was deciphered and predicted from Nostradamus’s work before-the-fact. 

Eric claims that out of the five total Trumpet Prophecies three have occurred; the final two prophecies are about Trump’s death and then a subsequent disaster. He claims that The Mabus Solution, an algebraic equation which unlocks all three names in sequential order solves this historical riddle left by the Nostradamus; when the coding order is converted to geometry it forms two images directly tied to this legionary historical figure. He has been proven correct regarding various details over the last five years including turmoil on the southern border and the approximate date of the collapse of the economy in 2020.

The final solution name: Drumpf.


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