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Trebha Cooper: UFOs, Crop Circles, Wizardry, Masons

Coming September 24th 8pm eastern

I was born in Kingston upon Hull, Yorkshire, England at 4-04 27th June 1951, the sun rose 40 minutes later. My early education was cut short by illness, I had Scarlet Fever aged three and never went to school until I was ten. My father who was a Mason somehow kept bringing me interesting books, so I had three Templar books, I read them then they would disappear my guess is his brothers supplied me with the correct reading material, Jules Verne was a early love as were all the books I was supplied with pencil, pencil sharpener and books, this was my education all self learnt. When i had my 11 plus exams even though at school we were given intelligence tests I got 100 percent every time but i failed my exams because I knew what they were trying to teach me was nonsense. At 10 this old lady who lived close by said I could choose three books these were the foundation of my library which is around 4,000 books now and expanding. So I was all self taught. But I was lucky my Grandfather said we came from a long line of seven sons of seven sons and they were Wizards.
My friend checked my ancestry and she traced it back to Kingswinford, Warwickshire 1509 and there are just two names Azariah and Azariah now this is an Irish word meaning Wizard, so my Grandfather never lied. My aunt who was the seventh child like myself found we have dreams that reveal the future, she was studied by a professor at Hull University could never explain why it happened. She asked me why and as i was reading a David Bohm book on quantum Universe in it he explains that the Universe is unfolding so like a wave on the seashore as the wave moves towards the beach it sends out a wave underneath this is what psychic people pick up in dreams and visions. I left school and trained in Catering and Hotel Management. I did this moving around England and the Channel Islands before returning and meeting me wife and we had two children now five grandchildren and one great grandson we are no longer together, we just drew apart. I moved to Ireland around 1998 and lived and worked there measuring the standing stones and circles as i worked at selling food I was very successful being appointed manager before I retired and moved to Rennes les Bains France were I now live.

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