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Christo Roppolo: The Man Who Sees UFOs

Coming October 1st 8pm eastern

Watch The much anticipated, continuing saga of UFO-hunting sensation Christo Roppolo. Online | Vimeo On Demand on Vimeo

Christo Roppolo continues his passionate exploration for extraterrestrial truth along the rugged beaches of the Central Coast. However, much like his martian anomalies, life proves unpredictable.

Christo Is a humble, but honestly emotional and caring, man trying to illuminate a phenomenon that could usher in a new status for mankind among the community of civilizations of both our dimension and other adjoining dimensions. Because of his lack of hubris, some fail to see that his story, in it’s own way, could be as influential as Gene Roddenberry’s was in changing the viewpoint of modern man towards what our future could hold. Looking forward to your next film Christo. God bless you brother 🙂 Doug Marry

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  1. Allan Micheal says:

    What an amazing collection you guys have here, the Paranormal content is a great dig in

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