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Russell Davies: ET Experiencer, H.I.C.E., Mary Rodwell’s A.C.E.R.N, Therapist for Experiencers

Coming October 8th 2021

Russell Davies is an ET experiencer, a practitioner of H.I.C.E ( human initiated contact experiences) ,and has worked for Mary Rodwell’s A.C.E.R.N organization as a therapist for experiencers in the UK. He is a working musician and professional psychic, and has a background in counselling, magic, mediumship and mysticism. He has had a wide variety of experiences within the paranormal going back to early childhood and utilizes his wealth of experience to try to shed some light on the deeper meanings of ET experiences. He has lectured throughout the UK on the ET presence and has also taught many people his H.I.C.E protocols. He has just written a chapter for a new book by the Consciousness and Contact Research Institute, “A Greater Reality,” which is due out in September 2020, entitled “Exploring other worlds: A life in contact.” He is currently planning a series of talks throughout the UK for 2021 on the subject of the ET presence and the future of mankind. He is also currently organizing H.I.C.E groups in Shropshire in the UK.


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