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Luke Blue Eagle: First Nations Crystal Healing: Working with the Teachers of the Mineral Kingdom

Coming November 5th 8pm eastern


Shares crystal and gemstone wisdom and healing techniques passed down through countless generations of indigenous medicine people

• Explores the properties and healing uses of 40 important crystals and stones, including quartz, Herkimer diamond, amethyst, and citrine–the coyote stone

Luke Blue Eagle started working with crystals at a young age. In 1979, after being contacted by his ancestors, he began a 25-year period of training in the indigenous healing arts with elders from several First Nations in Canada and the United States, including William Commanda of the Algonquin nation, Sun Bear of the Chippewa nation, OhShinnàh Fastwolf of the Apache nation, and many others. He lives in the Quebec province of Canada.

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