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Aage Nost Returns: UFOs, Space, Metaphysics, Mysteries of the Universe, Hypnosis

Coming April 1st 8pm eastern

Aage Nost – www.aage-nost.com


1. He was born on a farm in Norway, in Northern Europe.
He had to take over much of the work and management of the farm at an early age as a
2. While still a teenager, he had learned Hypnosis from a magician in Europe.
3. After graduation from Agricultural College, He operated the family farm for several
years, in Norway.
4. He spent one year in mandatory military service, driving a battle-tank, in his country
of birth; Norway.
5. By the age of 25 he had learned several languages, studied science including
Metaphysics and different forms and theories of Spirituality.
6. At the age of 25 he left Norway to go to the USA to go to flight school at Emery School
of Aviation in Greeley, Colorado.
7. After one year he graduated from flight school.
8. He has obtained the following Pilot licenses, certificates and ratings:
Commercial Pilot License with an Instrument Rating,
Flight Instructor – Airplane (CFI),
Flight Instructor -Instrument(CFII),
Multi Engine rating,

Multi Engine Instructor Airplane (CFIM),
Multi Engine Instructor – Instrument (CFIIM).

9. After graduating from flight school, he worked for other flight schools and Air Taxi
operators for 3 years to gain more experience, and log more flight time.
10. In 1975, with a partner, they started a flight school (Arrowhead Airways, Inc.) at the
Anoka County airport in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Besides being one of the most
active flight schools in the Minneapolis area, Arrowhead Airways, Inc. grew to an
International Air Taxi operation and scheduled Air Carrier.

11. For several years he taught Ground school for the flight school. This included Aero-
Dynamics, Meteorology, Federal Aviation Regulations, Aircraft Engine, Navigation

theory and systems, and accident prevention etc.
12. He has flown Piston, Turbo Propeller and Jet aircraft.
13. He has logged more then 10,000 hours of flight time, both in teaching and transportation,
including almost 1,000 hours “upside down” teaching Aerobatics.
14. He acted as an Accident Prevention Counselor for the Federal Aviation Administration
(FAA), and gave Bi-Annual flight reviews for re-certification of pilots.
15. After he sold his share of Arrowhead Airways, Inc. to his partner, he started to do
other things as starting American Barter, Inc. in Minneapolis, Minnesota, got more into
Paranormal research, hypnosis, oil painting, teaching hypnosis and mind
16. Between then and now, he has done and been involved in many projects;
17. He taught the now called “ZOXPro Training” mind development course , which teaches
you to assimilate

information from a book at the rate of 50,000 or more words per minute or more, Perfected
memory, Creative visualization for healing and manifestation, Creative goal setting, and
other things not taught in the regular school system.
18. As a joint venture he developed a patent, US Patent Number 5193719, perfected the
paperwork and drawings on the original patent, and was granted a patent in the USA and
10 European countries.
19. He created and operated the “Freedom Civil Rights Investigation Service” to help
people with legal problems.
20. He created, wrote and published “The Constitutional liberator”, a monthly newsletter
covering controversial political issues, the “truth behind the truth”, health issues and
“banned” medical cures that works, besides many topics the mainstream media do not dare
to touch.
21. He co-wrote a book with author, Patricia Ress of Omaha, Nebraska, titled “Alien
Encounters in America’s Midwest”. It featured hidden Government documents proving the
Government cover-up of the UFO issue, NASA prints of building and structures on our
Moon, and personal testimonies from UFO Abductees. The book is now out of print.
22. In 1999 he hosted a live call in radio show on KTKT Radio in Tucson, Arizona. It was
dealing with Holistic Health Care, Oxygen and the body, Nutrition and how to stay healthy
the natural way.
23. For 6 years he was the Host and Producer of a live TV talk show called “The Hidden
Truths”, in Tucson, Arizona. It featured the Paranormal, UFO, controversial political
issues, Government cover-ups, mind development, hidden and “banned” medical cures,
future science, and other “out of the box” issues not covered by the Mainstream Media.
24. For 5 years he was the Host of a TV news cast called “Access News”. It
featured mostly the “Politically Incorrect News Behind The News”.
25. In January of the year 2000 he helped create, operated and managed a radio station
(KRVL) in Tucson, Arizona. The programming was almost entirely “Talk Radio”, with the
main purpose of educating the people on Constitutional and Freedom related subjects, as
well as Paranormal and Spiritual issues. Because of its uniqueness, a film documentary
was created of the Radio station and the people running it. This TV documentary was
entered and presented at the International Film Festival, It was titled:”Making Waves”.
26. In the year 2000, he was nominated by the libertarian Party to be on the Ballot and run for
Congress in Congressional District 5 in Arizona.
27. From time to time he writes articles for publications in the USA and Europe.
28. For over two decade he has done research on law and Paralegal work for people.
29. On February 28, 2000, a Star was named after him, and registered with the
“International Star Registry” in Switzerland. The Star number is: 3101159, and is
located in the Pisces Constellation at: MV 11.0 RA. 1h, 34m, 16.93s, Decline 4
degrees 5′ 0.53″.
30. In July, 2003 he was interviewed by BBC Television in England, for a TV Documentary
titled: “Time Trip”, discussing the possibilities of, and practical applications of Time
Travel. Others interviewed for the same Documentary was Theoretical Physicist and
author Michio Kaku, and three other Theoretical Physicists. Also interviewed was Patricia
Ress, of Omaha, Nebraska who has written several books on Time Travel. These people
are the foremost experts on Theoretical Physics and the “technical” side of Time Travel in
the world. The TV Documentary has been shown globally to about a Billion people.

31. He has been featured in multi-page articles in European newspapers, his business, run for
political office, Television and radio shows, writings, research, and adventures in the USA.
32. He wrote the book; “Spiritual Science, Higher Consciousness Thinking And How To
Access the Universal Consciousness”, now available at: www.Amazon.com
33. He wrote the book; “Universal Success Principles and How Billionaires Think”, now

available at: www.toolsforfreedom.com/success-principles-and-how-billionaires-think-

34. He just put out a Video Documentary under the brand name: Fastwalkers Open Files,
Volume six, featuring UFO, Alien presence, Universal Consciousness, The real Power of
the Mind, and other things we are not supposed to know about.
35. With a co-host in Germany, Aage was doing a radio show called: “The Universal
Consciousness Show”, which still can be found on Youtube.
36. His web site with archive of radio shows, news, Blogs and over 5000+ unbelievable
pictures is at: www.universal-consciousness-show.com
37. Join Aage Nost and the Radio Group on Facebook at:
38. With co-host, Nori Love, they have a Pod Cast with Radio and Video production:
“Broadcast Team Alpha”, and can be found at: www.broadcastteamalpha.com
39. In 2019 Nori Love and Aage started the MasterMind Connection – “Spiritual Think Tank”.
It can be found here: https://www.patreon.com/themastermindconnection
40. To join, send E-Mail to: TheMasterMindConnection@gmail.com

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