Merry Easter From the Church of Mabus Radio Show

Merry Easter!

Several years ago in Marianna FL on Silver Lake I saw 2 glowing beings of light leave my home and fly into the heavens. As if they had been in my house and flew thru the roof into the heavens. I was completely sober. I had been listening to a dvd of the bible that was on television. Something told me to go outside and look that direction and I did. What I saw changed my life forever. I’ve talked about this with guests on the show until my face turned blue. What made those beings of light glow? Was it us without our bodies? Did they have Christ Consciousness? Were they beings who manifested the light of the Sun? I am that I am. I believe there is a Great Spirit and teachers unto humanity many of which who have been defiled by the error of man’s thinking and behavior. I do not press my beliefs on anyone. I know what I saw. Did Testicular cancer open my senses from the suffering of that ordeal at 17? Shamanic death? Yes I think so. I believe in God call it what you will and the light of Christ. Cause I saw it with my own eyes. Seeing weird stuff led me to doing this radio show for 14 years.. Asking questions. No matter what you believe or don’t believe. I hope you have a Merry Easter. Thanks from The Church of Mabus radio show.. Blessings unto you.

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