Ra Castaldo Was Rude and Canceled Because I Had Micah Dank on the Show

This show as canceled over Ra Castaldo acting like a big weird baby. He said Micah was on the Show and didn’t wanna be on the show. Like a little kid not wanting to ride a ride because his sissy rode it. It was bizarro. He was rude and certainly will never be on the show again.

Coming June 17th 8pm eastern

The Mystical Spiral – Unveiling the different shades of you and different shades of me, until we vibrate the same frequency

Welcome to The Mystical Spiral.  It’s a very exciting and urgent time right now on this living, breathing, library of a planet we call Earth.  This is the new website of Ralph- Anthony  Castaldo otherwise known as Ra Castaldo.  Ra, is a hereditary Italian mystic.  A Martial artist, Musician, Dad, Researcher, radio host,  An all around creator, Renaissance man, and  artist.  His goal is to help awaken the dormant ancient knowledge and abilities  we have within our  DNA.  To awaken our inactive, unexpressed Neurons and DNA simultaneously .  Mainstream science and medicine community has said that up to 97% of our DNA is rubbish, or “junk DNA”.  This is absolutely not the case !!!! This is in fact where the codes and data of our true origins, purpose and abilities exist!  We have been infected by a Cosmic Virus. Taking hold over the powers that be, the ones that control the media, what we consume and obey, what schools teach our children, etc.,  which  has purposely suppressed our consciousness. 

Placing a veil over  us, a cosmic slime or sludge, we have been infected by a Cosmic data virus!  Humanity is under a spell ! A form of enchantment thru materialism, money, technology, information, programming, religious beliefs, food, medicine etc.  We are born into a unique, deliberate, forced state of amnesia, and its our job now to remember who we are!  Long ago a seed was planted inside the Earth Human consciousness, inside our genetic structure ,making us predetermined to forget! We seem to breathe in this amnesia at birth, but those born in the caul, behind the veil, seem to retain some of our higher self  connection.  This is where we come in, and   It’s time to Reactivate ! ….this is your first step!!  In Reality None of this is in fact “Mystical” , “Supernatural” or “Paranormal” these are normal conditions of the Planet and Cosmos that we have been disconnected from. 

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