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Steven Snider: Serial Killers, Nazis, Discordianism, Synchro-Mystical Movement, Trump QAnon Madness

Coming October 21st 8pm

“Recluse, aka Steven Snider, is the longtime curator of the legendary VISUP blog (visupview.blogspot.com). After cutting his teeth in the synchro-mystical movement, Recluse developed a novel approach to parapolitics that emphasizes both hard research with a reluctant acceptance of Fortean (and Saturnine) currents. He is also the author of Strange Tales of the Parapolitical: Postwar Nazis, Mercenaries, and Other Secret History (along with Frank Zero, the original host of The Farm) and A Special Relationship: Trump, Epstein, and the Secret History of the Anglo-American Establishment Book I. He has a forthcoming work, due in 2022, dealing with the history of mythmaking, Discordianism, state-sanctioned behavioral modification programs, and conspiracy theories. He is also the producer, writer, and host of the acclaimed The Farm podcast. The Farm explores culture, parapolitics, and high weirdness in all it’s many forms.”.

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