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Bruce G. Hallenbeck: The Kinderhook Creature and Beyond: A Personal Reminiscence

Rescheduled January 27th 8pm eastern


Bigfoot stalks the Hudson Valley. The little town of Kinderhook, New York is steeped in history and scary stories. Near the foothills of the Catskill Mountains, it’s where Martin Van Buren is buried and what inspired Washington Irving’s Sleepy Hollow. Kinderhook residents should be familiar with spooky tales of headless horsemen, ghosts, and fairies. But in the 1980s, the town became home for a new type of fright – the Kinderhook Creature, a bigfoot-type hominid that terrorized families and was reported all over the county and beyond.

Bruce G. Hallenbeck’s The Kinderhook Creature and Beyond: A Personal Reminiscence is the story of those times, delving into the history of its author and his numerous paranormal and cryptozoological encounters, as well as those of his family and other residents of the.Kinderhook area. The encounters within these pages include the “Kinderhook Blob,” UFO sightings, ghosts, “little people” and much, much more.

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