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Tammy Billups: Animal Wayshowers: The Lightworkers Ushering In 5D Consciousness

Coming January 20th 8pm eastern


A guide to understand, support, and honor the soul missions of our animal companions

• Explains how animals that live alongside humans are lightworkers helping to raise the vibration of collective consciousness and aid in humanity’s ascension process

• Shares example stories of incredible animal Wayshowers from around the world whose actions and sacrifices on behalf of their human companions changed them all for the better

• Offers meditations, rituals, and transformational soul practices to embrace 5D frequencies, intuit heart intelligence, connect to the Higher Self, and heal the shadow

Animals are natural holders of 5D consciousness. The extraordinary animals who have chosen, at a soul level, to live alongside humans are lightworkers on the front lines of the animal kingdom’s mission to help people to heal, evolve, and assist in raising the vibration of the planet and collective consciousness to 5D.

As Tammy Billups reveals, once we become aware of the soul path of our animal companions, we are then able to connect with them soul-to-soul, not only supporting their soul missions but also finding the healing we need to let go of 3D reality. Sharing stories of incredible animal wayshowers from around the world, she explores the many levels of service your beloved animal friends are providing you every day, including during disasters, storms, and pandemics. She shows how they help shoulder the psychological and emotional burdens we are not yet capable of holding on our own and show us the way back to our own hearts. The author offers meditations, rituals, and exercises for applying the teachings of the animal stories shared, including transformational soul practices to embrace 5D frequencies, intuit heart intelligence, connect to the Higher Self, and heal the shadow.

Offering ways to embrace and emulate the soul teachings of our animal companions, Tammy Billups shows that, by honoring animals as courageous guides on our ascension to 5D consciousness, we too can become wayshowers in our own right.

Tammy Billups is an international healing practitioner, educator, and pioneer on the animal-human sacred soul partnership. The creator of animal-human Tandem Healings, she has been a certified Interface Therapist (Bioenergetics) for more than two decades. The author of Animal Soul Contracts and Soul Healing with Our Animal Companions, she lives near Atlanta, Georgia.

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