SOS Keep ChurchofMabusradio.com Alive via Donations! SOS


SOS for keeping alive ChurchofMabusradio.com via donations. We just paid for surprise Godaddy services that popped up. There are 3 fees that pop up twice a year or more depending on what you pay them. Those are paid til Summer thanks to your donations. More donations will help pay for Summer. There are other services I would like to do to the site. Our old web designer person vanished. He was kinda crabby so for the best. I would like to find someone else to help with the site and also raise money through donations to upgrade it somehow. If anyone would like to still donate you can to MAFHA@yahoo.com at Paypal. It’s mafha@yahoo.com I just wrote it in caps for you to see it better. Thanks all for your continued support! Grateful to our listeners and all those who donated to help save the site! Let’s rebuild now! Thank you. Jeffery Pritchett

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