SOS Emergency! Church of Mabus Radio Show Website Issues Need Donations!

We definitely could use some donations right now to our paypal via the email MAFHA@yahoo.com which is mafha@yahoo.com wrote it in caps so you can see it better! Here is a list of website issues.

By donating it helps me find someone to help me with these issues and helps with site costs at Godaddy.com


  1. WordPress needs updated
  2. Our Newsletter mechanism is down which is very important it doesn’t work anymore
  3. We are being over ran with bots making accounts need protection of some sort
  4. We need a graphics over haul via our layout
  5. Need to figure out how to clear the cache etc
  6. Update to modern techs and plug in and upgrades
  7. To stay in competition we need a better website
  8. This morning could not log in at all or reset password due to weird issues
  9. Also a lot of weird things I do not understand left over from last webmaster trying to figure out

The radio show has been on for free for 15 years your donations help keep us running at a prime state.

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