Jeff Carlson: Oh the Horror!

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“Peoria Illinois based artist, JEFF CARLSON, has been honing his skills as a professional illustrator and sculptor since 1986. If you’re looking for pop culture kitsch and retro-inspired design, look no further!”

From Jeff Carlson

Well, I’ve been a professional commercial illustrator and sculptor for over 30 years … and I’ve done a little “gorilla guy” performing. Rubbed elbows with some famous folks, etc. My Dracula medallion just got licensed by the Lugosi estate and is being produced/distributed by Trick or Treat Studios this year.

Planning A Paranormal Road Trip Along Route 66

Planning A Paranormal Road Trip Along Route 66

With 53% of families planning to take a road trip this year, it’s clear that the great American road trip has gained popularity. One of the most famous routes, Route 66, often finds its way into the plans of many. However, instead of visiting the popular attractions along the way like the painted desert, there are plenty of stops that are teeming with paranormal activity – and are perfect for the upcoming fall weather.

The McPike Mansion

Whether you plan to make the journey in a car or an old RV, there are many haunted places to choose from when planning a paranormal road trip along Route 66. If you plan on starting the journey in the Midwest, the McPike mansion is a great first stop. Once named the most haunted place in the Midwest, the McPike mansion was built in 1869 in Alton, Illinois, and has gained quite the reputation for paranormal activity. It is believed to be haunted by a previous owner, who has been spotted in the window, as well as the spirit of a previous servant. Strange noises such as footsteps, and even orbs, have also been reported. While the building itself remained vacant for several years, it now offers annual tours for those interested, making it perfect for a road trip.

A haunted hotel

Built in 1927, Hotel Monte Vista – located in Flagstaff, Arizona – is a known mecca for paranormal happenings. Along with your normal apparitions and spirits, the hotel has a plethora of ghost stories, making it the perfect stop to visit – or even to spend a night at. One of the most chilling tales is that of a previous guest called the “meat man,” who would hang raw meat from the chandelier. It’s said that the room is heavily haunted by him, and guests have reported feeling his cold hands at night. However, he isn’t the only one who haunts the hotel. In fact, one of the most famous haunted rooms in the hotel – room 305 – has creepy happenings of its own. Another previous guest is said to still haunt the room, and sightings of her have been reported in a rocking chair, looking out the window. If that isn’t scary enough, unexplained knocking noises have been reported to come from the closet.

The Rialto Theater

Located in South Pasadena, California, the Rialto Theater was built in 1925 and holds 1,200 seats. While it was closed in 2007, it’s said to be a historic and haunted landmark. The women’s restroom has been said to have an uneasy feeling, and some say the stalls will even shake. Other paranormal happenings include abnormalities in photos, apparitions and the possibility that the theater’s previous mascot, a cat, still roams the building. While not confirmed, there are also rumors of a man who allegedly went insane in a projector room, and that apparitions of him have been spotted.

While Route 66 has been a popular road trip route for a long time, many don’t know about the haunted destinations along the way. If you’re planning a paranormal road trip this fall, the Rialto Theater, McPike mansion and Monte Vista Hotel should all be on your list.


Merry New Years! Shared Mass Hallucination! lol

I hope u have a great New Years. I fell asleep early. New Years feels like celebrating daylight savings time to me. lol Try to be enthused but it is a struggle in this world. I wish you the best and grateful for you all.

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