My Father’s Ashes – A Run In With A Ouija Board

An old story from me Jeffery Pritchett

Keep all your demon this and that dribble at the gate.

When my father passed away I was the one who had the unfortunate task of taking his ashes somewhere respectable to blow in the wind. I recalled a place he mentioned wanting them put at when I traveled with him as a child. At the time I had his ashes I was going thru a severe rock and roll star stage of destruction. So the ashes set around in a closet for a while. Until one day I saw a dark shadow cross the hall.

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Alien Abductee Discloses The Truth About What Happens after Being Taken

You want to hope you are never taken by aliens after hearing this information. This is the latest disclosure on how agencies are reverse-engineering extraterrestrial abductees for information to be used in both extraterrestrial (ET) technology and personnel development programs.

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Black Goo Left By An Ancient Race Can Take Over Your Mind

Black Goo, its been seen in the X-Files, and Prometheus films and TV series. But no one has come forward about when and how it was first “discovered” until now.

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Angel Caught On Security Camera? Michigan Pastor Says So.. Or Is It A Moth?

A Michigan man could not believe his eyes when he checked his home security system and saw that it had seemingly snapped an image of an angel hovering over his truck during the night. Talking to a local TV station, Glen Thorman recalled gasping “that’s an angel” as soon as he saw the remarkable anomaly in the photo taken by the motion sensor camera.

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Terrifying Night At Land Between The Lakes

“It keeps getting closer and closer…so I cough really loud…heavy and sweating…these steps were loud!”

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KGRA Radio’s Race Hobbs Employs Child Predator Bill Forte

Race Hobbs of KGRA radio blocked Angelia Joiner because she was taking up for government assistance people. Well can u imagine the hatred towards people who receive welfare from this man? This man who knowingly said he hired a child raper named Bill Forte to KGRA. How dare he judge anyone! Right wing’s finest!

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