Halloween Line Up Will Be One Ghoulish Time Of Terror!

We got Jeff Mudgett from History Channel coming on for our Halloween show on October 26th 8pm eastern! Jeff Mudgett relative of H.H. Holmes America’s 1st Serial Killer! Jeff also has his own show on the History Channel called American Ripper! He also the author of Bloodstains.

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Yellowstone: Firebird aka Phoenix From Mythological Legend Spotted? Bringer of Doom or Rebirth

A strange colorful bird has been spotted on the Grand Teton National Park live webcam just days after a highly popular area near Jenny Lake in Grand Teton National Park located near the Yellowstone National Park has been closed to the public for the immediate future due to concerns over expanding cracks and fissures in a large rock formation.

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A Wolf Among Us: How White Supremacy Is Hijacking Paganism with WHAM

July 22nd 7pm Eastern to 10pm Eastern

Join WHAM to be interviewed live on Facebook.

The Magickal Solution FB Live Discussion with Prof WHAM

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The Secret Life Of Bigfoot

Here is an interview I did with Rita Louise many moons ago. Andy Colvin was there as well but came in later. Jeffery Pritchett & Andy Colvin join Dr. Rita Louise on Just Energy Radio where they discuss their findings regarding the elusive Bigfoot and its interaction with humanity.

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