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Church Of Mabus Sponsor Promo & Contributions To Keep Free Radio Victorious

We are always looking for sponsors here at The Church of Mabus radio show. Most of the time I get free books for helping promote. Sometimes free stuff like boxes of meat or alien statues or t-shirts or something. But almost never deniros. We are on FM in many locations.

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Still Accepting Alms For The Poor.. Bring Out Your Dead! Thanks For Donating

Thanks to those who donated. Good people still out there. Good to know in this new weird America and world. We plan to get a donate button up sometime in the future. Donations have been a rarity until now. Not something that happens. I mean there have been whole years that have passed without one single donation.

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Carl Abrahamsson: Occulture: The Unseen Forces That Drive Culture Forward

Coming June 1st 8pm eastern

Explores the role of magic and the occult in art and culture from ancient times to today

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KGRA Radio’s Race Hobbs Employs Child Predator Bill Forte

Race Hobbs of KGRA radio blocked Angelia Joiner because she was taking up for government assistance people. Well can u imagine the hatred towards people who receive welfare from this man? This man who knowingly said he hired a child raper named Bill Forte to KGRA. How dare he judge anyone! Right wing’s finest!

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Emergency Please Read Regarding Me The Host Of The Church Of Mabus

Emergency Please Read! I am in deep ca ca. My job is late paying me so I am trying to get up some money to keep the power on while I wait. If power goes I cannot work and well I’m screwed. I have been doing well for years with a home job but this is a kick in the meatball lemme tell you. Has my nerves fried.

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David Biedny: Sympathy for the Devil – Biedny’s 1st Interview Since Quitting Paracast

This was one of our first radio shows with me and Guy Weddle. Guy Weddle is passed away now of course. I honestly can’t remember the year or date right now. lol Getting old brother trucker. Here is a comment from YouTube that I think sums up this show very well. Enjoy!

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COM: Itzhak Beery: Shamanic Healing: Traditional Medicine for the Modern World

Coming May 25th 8pm Eastern

A story-based guide to the techniques of shamanic healing

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