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Jeffery Pritchett has a Bachelors in Communications Science and is also the host of the paranormal, esoteric, Church of Mabus radio show on UPRN Talk Radio 107.7FM New Orleans. Writing for Examiner, Before Its News and New Dawn Magazine has cultivated a following of loyal listeners and readers from all walks of life. As an author of many paranormal subjects, you will find his books at Amazon Author Central were you can check out some amazing stories about a wide range of topics from big foot to the super natural. What others are saying:

Praise For the Hairy Man: The Secret Life of Bigfoot

“Excellent, read, knowing this was complied from internet radio interviews, from Churchofmabusradio.com You get an open mind approach, where the hosts, or authors in this case act as a listener and seek all variety of answers and possibilities also offering insights from personal research. Not for one who fixated on one style of answers, as Bigfoot, is one of the original, most modern era of paranormal mysteries. The quality of guests, (interviewed) open minded insights, sense of wonder and humor make this a must read, looking forward to future books from these new era of paranormal researchers!”

Probes Happen: The Secret Life of Aliens

“This is a great introduction to the intrigues and conjectures that alien encounters inspire–everything from the MIB to aliens and art and Tesla. No speculation is left out of these excellent interviews with some of paranormal’s finest: Nick Redfern, Jerome Clarke, Greg Bishop, many others–plus a fascinating and rare exchange with the late Eugenia Macer-Storey. It’s completely worth your while–easy to read–thought provoking–and enjoyable.”

Jeffery Pritchett’s Church of Mabus Radio and Andrew Colvin’s New Saucerian Press has joined forces and have published many books such as Praise for the Hairy Man: The Secret Life of Bigfoot and many other titles in the genres of ghosts, shamans, extraterrestrials, Mothman and more. All the books can be found in our Amazon Author Central pages.


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Andrew Colvin is an eclectic artist, photographer, filmmaker, publisher, musician, and New York Times/Amazon bestselling author, who has been called the “Sultan of Slack,” the “Sherlock Holmes of Synchroconspiracy,” and “one of America’s great, pain-in-the-butt original thinkers.” Colvin was one of the founders of the “xerox” or “street art” movement now popular in galleries worldwide, and was also one of the first “spoken word” artists. Because he was the first showman in Austin to preach the “slack” gospel of The Church of the Subgenius, Colvin is known as one of the first “Slackers.”

Following in the footsteps of his mentor, Fortean author John A. Keel, Colvin has blazed a 21st-Century trail of investigation into mysteries that have influenced mankind for centuries, such as UFOs, creature entities, magic, and the psychology of the human mind. Colvin’s approach is unique in that it blends a background of genuine paranormal experience with decades of research into political science, history, media behavior, and sociology. His understanding of art and symbology has, at times, allowed Colvin to connect dots that had previously escaped attention.

Colvin is considered by many to be the leading authority on the mysterious “Mothman” phenomenon, due to his early experiences with the phenomenon and his intensive audiovisual documentation of symbols and synchronicities. Colvin’s early “illumination” experiences were almost identical to those of science-fiction authors Philip K. Dick and Robert Anton Wilson, except that they occurred to Colvin in 1967, when he was just a boy. Following these encounters, Colvin found that he could draw, sing, and take pictures, and that he had a photographic memory. He was recognized as a prodigy, and was eventually offered a scholarship to Harvard University.

Colvin’s work has been seen or heard in all 50 states, and in several foreign countries. His writing has appeared in various journals, including Oprah Magazine, Blitz, Paranoia, The Stranger, The Seattle Weekly, The Austin Chronicle, and D’Art, the arts journal for the Church of the Subgenius. Colvin’s unique career has been studded with various mind-blowing, synchronistic events, which allowed him to work with some of the greatest creative minds of the 20th Century, including Nam June Paik, Dennis Hopper, David Lynch, Robert Anton Wilson, Laurie Anderson, Daniel Johnston, Steven Feld, Bruce Bickford, Ron English, Frank Kozik, Richard Linklater, Robert Rodriguez, Jim Woodring, Tessa B. Dick, Kurt Cobain, and the Butthole Surfers.

Artist, author, musician, and filmmaker, whose documentary work has inspired such movies as SlackerWaking LIfe, and Boyhood. Perhaps Colvin’s greatest claim to fame is that he was the first person to book a show for – and thus “discover” – the rock group Nirvana.


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Saucerian Productions is the home of Metadisc Records and New Saucerian Press. We specialize in bringing you unusual audio, visual, and graphic works online.
New Saucerian’s administrative headquarters is located in a haunted mansion in Seattle, Washington, next to the house where Jimi Hendrix grew up. And our warehouse is located in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, on land once owned by the family of Mark Twain. Our current landlord there is Capt. Slack, an actual riverboat captain on the Ohio and Mississippi rivers.

To preserve the history and folklore of the Ohio Valley,
particularly as it pertains to UFOs, Mothman,
Men in Black, and other paranormal denizens
or “glitches” in reality.

Most of our music and book releases are available on Amazon, iTunes, and CD Baby, but we will also make them available here in the future, along with tantalizing freebies and mind-blowing conceptual activities. In fact, our art offerings will be available through the Seattle Conceptual Art Museum store, which will be linked here.


WHAM is a history wonk with too many degrees and a love of the occult, mysticism, shamanism, all things paranormal and horror fiction. Her specialties are religious history, Sufism, Runes and UFO/alien phenomena. Her super hero name is an acronym for a lengthy Arabic Sufi name that her friends refuse to spell or pronounce. WHAM has actual academic degrees, under a mundane name more suitable for a podiatrist, and works most days as a college teacher and data analyst. She currently lives in the Hudson Valley, where she is also known as Professor WHAM. She is a consultant for the Bigfoot Researchers of the Hudson Valley and teaches workshops on meditation, paranormal topics and esoteric subjects. WHAM is also involved with several projects in the Hudson Valley that support Native and environmental concerns. She is also a Co-Host on Church of Mabus Radio.


I began researching UFOs and aliens around, 10 or 11 years old. Hurricane Agnes rolled through Maryland in 1972, I was 6, my parent’s basement flooded and many of their books were ruined. One of the books that survived caught my eye, Erich Von Daniken’s The Chariots Of The Gods. I was intrigued by it but didn’t read until about 5 years later. Since reading that book, several times, and having my own UFO encounter years later I became interested in the subjects of UFOs, Aliens, Bigfoot and many other phenomena.

I have seen ghosts, I have seen UFOs, I have seen Bigfoot, and I have been actively looking at information based on these subjects for nearly 40 years now. I have been a part of the Church Of Mabus Radio Show since December of 2014 and share Co-hosting duties with WHAM. I enjoy being a part of the program, the shows are always fascinating, and I have been able to interview a few of my favorite researchers such as Bill Birnes and Nick Redfern.

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